What makes our hand sanitiser unique?

Defend+ What makes us unique?

Hand sanitiser is everywhere. It’s sold in places that you’d never even expect to find it. It’s almost impossible not to find some from somewhere, but a large portion of these tend to be alcohol based. Whilst there is a place for sanitisers containing alcohol, it’s far from the perfect solution, especially for the environment […]

Hornets and Hornettes Rugby Club Safely Returns to Training with Defend+

Defend+ Hornets RFC

We’ve had a great first few weeks here at Defend+. The interest and demand we’ve seen from all industries across the South West has been fantastic, and has kept us super busy! We’re delighted to have been able to supply our Portable Hand Sanitiser to the Hornets mens and Hornettes women’s rugby teams, to help […]

Say Hello to Defend+

We’re really excited to be launching this brand new product, which we think you’re going to love. Defend+ is a revolutionary, multipurpose hand sanitiser and surface cleaner. Applied through secure, cost-effective and hygienic dispensing taps. With the world now firmly focused on COVID-19, social distancing and hygiene, we’re super proud to be able to launch […]