Our Product Applicators

Due to the flexibility of the Defend+ solution, our unique sanitiser fluid can be used in a variety of applicators, from dispensers, humidifiers, room foggers to traditional sprays.

Whether you are a small office, a pub, hotel, gym or a huge retail outlet, we have a host of solutions to meet your demand.

Defend+ Sanitiser Products
Defend+ Dispensers

Automated Dispenser Stands

Placed at entrances, these are perfect for customer facing applications and various options are available. Fully automated for a contactless application and high capacity dispensers are available for large footfall areas.

Mobile dispensers are also available for outside events, sports centres, and stadiums. Bespoke dispensers units available upon request.

Room Humidifiers

Designed as an air cleaner for enclosed spaces, these room humidifiers circulate and clean the air in smaller areas.

Great for frequent use in hotel rooms, salons, clinics, dentists etc.

Defend+ Room Humidifier
Defend+ Fogger

Room Foggers

Fogging cannons when used with the Defend+ solution, provide a highly effective method to sanitise larger areas quickly and effectively. The machine creates a fine mist which is then left to evaporate and rate of flow can be adjusted depending on application and the size of the room to be treated. 

Full training will be provided by a Defend+ technician.


Compression Spray Bottles

1.25 litre/7.6 litres

Comes with an eco plastic pump action sprayer. Perfect for surface applications, hospitality and the leisure industry.  

Additional charge for Defend+ solution.

Traditional Spray Bottles

Trigger Bottles 750ml

General surface cleaner. Great for all those smaller applications and comes filled with Defend+ solution.

50ml Lanyard Bottles

Ideal for personal use on the go. Can be used for staff and visitors within an organisation. Also offered for sale separately to the public.

Can be refilled at your central Defend+ filling point.

Defend+ Surfaces Products
Defend+ Sanitiser Refills

Sanitiser Refills

10 Litre BIB Defend+ Refill

We will supply and install a central refill point within your premises. This will be a point where the 10 litre Defend+ solution will be located, allowing you to top up the various applicators after use.

Pitchside Dispenser Boxes

On-the-go, cost-effective and hygienic hand sanitiser dispensing tap

The perfect solution to most sporting venues. This portable carry system can be placed over a bar or railing, enabling your team to dispense Defend+ Hand Sanitiser and Surface Cleaner using the simple push button tap. This system will enable each player to hand sanitise quickly, efficiently and can also be used on equipment instilling cleanliness and confidence. 

Our system uses some of the technology of Bag-in-Box (BIB) dispense, using a small swan neck push button unit, connected to a 10 litre box of our own produced sanitiser. This system reduces the need for numerous small and costly bottles of sanitiser which often get lost or mislaid.

Defend+ Portable Hand Sanitiser Dispenser