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A multipurpose fixed hand sanitiser and surface cleaner

Applied through secure, cost-effective and hygienic dispensing taps

A simple fast and innovative hand sanitation dispense system for every service point along a bar counter, all served from one x 10litre dispense box. This system will enable a server to hand sanitise between each customer quickly and efficiently, instilling cleanliness and confidence in the customer.

Our system uses the technology of Bag-in-Box (BIB) dispense, using a discreet, low level and small swan neck push button unit placed alongside or below each service till, all connected to a 10 litre box of our own produced sanitiser. This system also reduces the need for large 5 litre ugly pump-action systems, or numerous 250ml bottles which get lost or mislaid creating customer service issues whilst staff hunt them down and can also incorporate several customer dispense points.

Start Up Pack

1 x Defend+ Dispensing System, 1 x 10Litre Box Defend+ Sanitiser, FREE Defend+ Beer Mats and Defend+ Window Stickers.

10 Litre Sanitiser Refill

Order additional 10 litre box of Defend+ Hand Sanitiser for our unique dispensing system.

Kills 99.9999% of Germs & Bacteria

Antibacterial, Antiviral & Antifungal

Kills Pathogens in Seconds

Alcohol-Free & PH Neutral

Kind to skin and non-irritating

Environmentally & Animal Friendly